Muckensee - Forest-cafe Restaurant Hotel


Our Muckensee in year 1926

In 1919, after the First World War, the married couple Wilhelm and Emilie Beck purchased the agriculture used area Muckensee. The secret, where this name descends from, can be lifted fast. Once there was a lake owned by the monastery Lorch. The lake in its present form was created from 1932-1933.

In 1924 the Muckensee became a restaurant for the first time, as Wilhelm Beck established a beer garden in the summer months. The large glasshouse was built in 1925, in 1954 the small one.
The skilled gardener Wilhelm Beck attached great importance to a fancy planting. His son Hermann followed in the steps of ihm and he dedicated himself to some special botanic rarities.

Our Muckensee in the years 1956 and 1961

So the foundation stone of the exotic appearance of the dining areas was laid.
In 1956 the terrace was located and the confectionery was established. In the same year the first autobus headed for the Muckensee and was “was wrecked”: The vehicle fell through the woody bridge into the stream.

Before the war, the ice rink in the valley was an attraction, existing since 1928. During the war the catering in the Muckensee was limited maintained. The reopening was immediately after the monetary reform and it was regarded as an insider’s tip. Already in 1949 the guests came from near and far.
Besides the electric current was established: in 1950 they celebrated a kind of festival of lights. Earlier they lighted by carbide and propane gas.

In 1955 they re-furnished the kitchen, followed by clarification plant and new building of the toilets. In 1961 Wilhelm Beck, the founder of the Muckensee, died. His son Hermann and his wife Resi absorbed the business.
In 1979 a new stage began: Son Hans-Dieter and his wife Maria absorbed the Muckensee. Five years later, in february 1984, Hans-Dieter Beck died.
Since that time Maria Beck ran the Muckensee in long-time tradition and established style. Since 1995 she works together with her daughter Claudia Beck-Kostic and her husband Milan Kostic.